Without warning we saw the giant stones by the roadway.

May 15, 1999

Here's Stonehenge as we all imagine it:                                               Here's Stonehenge as it really is:


They actually do a really good job of handling the crush of people. The day we were there was a Saturday and the tour buses pulled into the parking lot at the rate of one every five minutes. Every time the doors would open and throngs of French and Asian speaking tourists would pile out and through the turnstiles. Motor bikers also poured in (at least two major groups while we were there) and carloads and vanloads of families with gawking kids and screaming parents.

The taped tour was in many languages and gave a good overview of the making and meaning (as much as anyone knows) of Stonehenge. Did you know the stones are fitted together with lap joints like woodwork? Did you know Merlin flew on the stones from Ireland? It's true. Really.



Feel the EnergyThe stones bring out the mystical in everyone. Here we see London day-trippers trying out the divining rods. They're supposed to show people earth-energy fields. The person operating these rods seems to have discovered some confused energy.


Kathleen got out her many cameras and went to town. The subject was hard to get alone. People were always popping out from behind the stones. It was a waiting game trying for the perfect shot.

Next stop: Glastonbury and the Isle of Avalon!

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