Europe Travel Itinerary, 1999-2000:


June 2000

This itinerary is intended to capture the day-to-day activities and impressions of our trip.

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Monday June 12, 2000; Driving and Camping in Prague: *

Tuesday June 13, 2000; Prague: *

Wednesday June 14, 2000; Prague: *

Thursday June 15, 2000; Prague and leaving for Bratislava: *

Friday June 16, 2000; On the road from Bron: *


Monday June 12, 2000; Driving and Camping in Prague:

The border guards were perfunctory, asking us questions only in Czech, but accepting our answers in English. "Tourist." OK. A long sentence in Czech, with a final word that made it make sense: "Praha?" Yes, Prague.

There was a backup on the one road to Prague, and when the locals began turning around, we turned around as well. Their driving turned out to be as inconsiderate as Romanians, with the willingness to pass when there seems no hope of success a test of manly skill and pride.

Decided to stay at a lovely campground converted from the back yard orchard of some landholder in the suburbs of Prague.

Tuesday June 13, 2000; Prague:

Went in via the 17 tram and wandered the streets. Saw tons of puppet shops and tourists jamming the narrow streets and squares.

Walked around the old town getting lost amongst the small streets and visiting the old square with the astronomical clock.

Toured several photographic print galleries, but because they expect you to pay for all of them, we only paid for a few.

Came back in the early evening, having detected a subtle anti-foreigner sentiment that was reminiscent of Slovakia. Stayed out at the tables reading and working on Kathleen’s slides while a thunderstorm passed to the south of us.

Wednesday June 14, 2000; Prague:

Though we planned to get up and going early, the relaxation afforded by staying in a campground seduced us to staying around until almost 11.

Walked through the castle district and across the bridge at high tourist time. Everywhere it was packed with tourists.

Went home around eight o’clock for dinner and reading, then felt rather lame when we heard and saw a massive fireworks display over the town center.

Thursday June 15, 2000; Prague and leaving for Bratislava:

Went into town for our final day and Kathleen took pictures in the old Jewish Cemetery.

Also visited the library at Strahov Monastery, east of the castle district. Were disappointed by out getting to go inside the library and look closer, and felt that left out feeling even stronger seeing a special group getting to not only go inside the beautiful wood library rooms, but take flash pictures as well.

Checked e-mail and headed home to the campsite. Packed up and were away by 7:30. Drove on the rain slicked road as far as Bron.

Friday June 16, 2000; On the road from Bron:

The drive was uneventful all the way to the border with Slovakia.

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