Us in the Ruins
Ruins amongst the freeway in Obuda, northern Budapest

Obuda & Aquincum, outside Budapest, June 25-27th, 2000:

Amphitheater EntranceBack in the 1st century AD, when Rome was at its greatest, the region around Budapest was the northeast corner of the province of Pannonia Inferior. Here the Romans put their provincial capital, and from it we can see how they lived in the far flung provinces.


Amphitheatre and Apartment Blocks   





Kathleen taking photos   

Mixed in amongst modern urban blight are these remains from an urban people almost two millennia ago.

Homeless Arch   


Still water tight, these arched halls held gladiators and animals before fights in the arena.

Homeless beds   

Today, watertight is good news for Obuda's homeless, who have made this their refuge.

They watched us and kept their distance, letting us explore the ruins by ourselves. They returned only as we seemed to be leaving for good.



Aquaduct median stripThis aqueduct used to take water to Aquincum. Now it helps keep oncoming cars separated.

Weights and Measures   

Aquincum was the Roman name for this capital. It reminded us of Ostica Antica.

Their market district was dominated by this tower, where the official weights and measures were kept under guard.

Sewer Drain   

They had marble sewer drains back then. Those folks in Venice were just copycats.




Woman's costumeBoy's costumeOne exhibition in the museum reconstructs the clothing they would have worn based on the tombstones they left behind which show not only people wearing their clothes, but the craftsmen making them.





MuseumOpened in 1896, the museum at Aquincum is made to look like an old Roman Temple. Inside are the exhibits treasures.

Fashionable furniture   




We'd buy any of this stuff today from Pottery Barn and think we were just so modern in our taste.





Firehouse Organ   


And we were amazed at the intricate work required for this organ, reconstructed from rusted parts found in the Roman Firehouse.

Why the Firehouse? We don't know. Perhaps they had to have something to do while they waited for all those marble temples to have a fire....


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