Connemara countryside
The Twelve Bens were under cloud when we drove through

From the bleak underworld to the razzle dazzle of Galway

July 3, 1999:

Local Veterinarian fixing his wallOnce again on the road we found the greatest sites.

Church homeWe stopped to take a picture of this man fixing his fence, and ended up invited to tea at his home.



Church bedroom   

His house turns out to be a converted church, which is a favorite fantasy home of ours as well.

The Old Church

We took careful notes.

Kathleen, Caitriona and Lorcan. Oh, and Seamus too. We stopped into Galway to visit Kathleen's friend Caitriona and got to meet her husband Seamus and their darling wee one. They treated us to dinner, showers, laundry, breakfast, tour guides, movies, etc., etc....

Carrots on parade   

We came just in time for market day (Saturday), which was everything you'd want from a European style town.




Potatoes: always an Irish stapleThe streets were windy and the produce spilled onto the street as the people gossiped and shopped  and dodged the cars.




O days to go and countingGalway is capitalizing on the booming economy just like everywhere else. They're a great staging place for tours of the east coast of Ireland, so they're working on a major pedestrian district. You can see here the countdown made it to launch and the rocket still isn't finished yet.

At least they had the sense not to post the negative days.

Traditional buskin instruments   

No European flavor would be complete without the buskers. They ranged from the traditional instruments...

Techno ghoul ... to the techno bizarre (this guy's got a sound activated ghoul that dances in response to his rhythms -- his donation basket was really ringing up the silver change too).



Old accordian playerFrom the dedicated...


Going through the motions   

... to the superficial. (After we snapped this photo, the guy on the left stopped Kathleen and told her she should leave some money. We wanted to say "but he isn't any good." But that would have been unpleasant, so we left 20p instead.)




Fifth place All Ireland dancer amongst the dancing shoes   

We find one really does meet the real people in stores.

Here's the All Ireland Fifth place Step dancer doing her thing while she waits for her mom to finish buying her a new pair of shoes. The stuff she could do made ones mind boggle at the thought of a fourth place winner.

Next we catch the boat to the Aran Islands, Inishmore

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Market day munchkin

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