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Maria takes Kathleen's hand   

Maria takes Kathleen's hand at the glacier lakes south of Sibiu.

Maria and Christian   

Maria and her friend Cristian in the mountain mists.




Underdressed for the wedding   

We stumbled, grossly underdressed, into the wedding of one of Maria's relatives.

Orthodox weddingSay cheeseburger!

Even under communism, people held to their religious weddings. Members of the party couldn't be seen in the church, so they'd sneak away to remote villages.

No one sits in the Orthodox ceremonies. Even in large empty churches it's standing room only. (Sibiu)

Bill, Kathleen, Angela and ?   

Here in the wilds of North Transylvania, who should we find: The Peace Corps, Bill and Angela.

After so long on the road, having good ol' Americans who know real slang is mighty rad.

On a walk of the villages, we met this evangelizing wanderer who'd spent eight years in the United States. (between Sarbi and Breb)

Ovidiu ready for takeoff   

On the road from Cluj to Sibiu, Henry had just gotten done observing that Romania would be a great place to hang glide (lots of safe landing spots and good thermal conditions) but lamented that no one could afford the sport.

Then on the side of the road, we saw Ovidiu and his flight school taking lessons. He manages on donated Western equipment and ingenuity. (Alba Iulia)

Just shows nothing can keep good people down.

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Flying into the sunset

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