Old and New

April, 2000:   

April brings new beginnings.

On the left, a Romanian Orthodox bishop sanctifies the foundation of a new church in the primarily Greco Catholic village of Calinesti.

Catholics make a new church   


On the right, Greco Catholics build a new church in the primarily Orthodox village of Botiza.

Chainsaw as building tool   




When building a log structure like this, a chainsaw is the most important timesaver of all.

Weaving hats and watching the game   


Vasile weaves dry straw into a ribbon for making 'clops' (the hat he's wearing) while he watches soccer.

Clop making   





Ion then sews the material into the clop.


   Newborn Colt

The newborn colt in our house gets outside to kick up its legs for the first time ever. Their eyes stay closed for 9 days after they are born.

Corn shucking   



Peasants can begin shucking corn outside.


Man and wife   




Family project   



Petru helped Henry construct a makeshift photographic print washer.

Church in Glod   



The church at Glod gets caught in a thunderstorm.

Post man in Glod   



The postman makes a stop after the rain outside Glod.



   Hay moves on the road



A haystack moves on a clear day outside Hoteni.


Tired and hot   


On a hot 'sarbatoare' (religious holiday) the shoes have got to be given a rest.

Making bread rise   


To make bread rise, Ileana touches her paddle to the eaves.





Man without electricity   


Grigore fought in Russia in WWII. He's never had electricity in his house.

We asked him, "what do you do at night?"

"I go to my nephew's. He's got a television."





Everywhere the bright spring brings on the desire to be outdoors.


The band played on   


"Why aren't you playing for the Easter dance?" we asked.

"It's better outside. The air is healthy," they replied. "The girls will come soon and dance here."

Shepherds are out   



Suddenly the shepherds are out as well.


Shearing shears   


Shearing shears at work.




   Newbie pigs



Newborn pigs look like miniature adult pigs.

Tuica mash on the move   

This man is rolling his apple mash and wood to the tuica distilling shed. He'll use the wood to bake the mash to make the fumes to make the dew.


  Plowing picnic 


Plowing and planting begins in the month of April. Everyone brings a full spread of food, including hot soup and fresh bread. Cold water comes straight from a nearby stream. There's a festival in May near Hoteni that celebrates the first person to break the ground with their plow.


Intrepid tourist   


The warmer weather brings on the tourists. Here Henry and Ileana Doca meet Paul, a traveling artist from England. The villagers gasped when they realized he was drawing with his left hand.

   Weighing sheep



Lamb in a bag   



April is also the month of the big lamb tirg, in preparation for Easter. They weigh 'em up and ship 'em out in anything that works.





Waiting for his clop
Ion, from Breb, waits for his
clop to be finished in Sirbi

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Alex from Slatiora
Alexandra has two weeks off
from Kindergarten for Easter!

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