Contemplation Time
Taking advantage of Spring for contemplation.

May, 2000:

Bean PolesSpring brings exuberance. Time for planting. Time for hoeing. Time for getting OUTSIDE!!

A man and his bean poles.


Gardens go in and weeding begins.




Apple Mash gone   

The apple mash that's been fermenting all winter is carted away and boiled in the brass 'calzane.'

Turning all night   

There's a line of families waiting to use the tuica sheds, so those whose turn it is must work all night, tending the fires and turning the crank to keep their mash from burning.




Tuica Drip   


Their 100 proof home brew comes out one fiery drop after another.


Tuica Shed   





Stork Nest   


Storks raise their portentous brood on any available electric pole. They seem to like the towns more, staying out of most villages.


Dusting off the scythe.



Flowers for a trip   

A neighbor leaves us a flower before one of our road trips.


Ride to school   

Like a flock of ducklings, we offered one a ride to school and 12 swarmed in.



Retired Guys   

Retired guys take a fortnight's vacation to the resort town of Ocna Sugatag. They have hot salt water baths.



Military Detail   

The government runs this spa as a medical treatment facility. So they get free labor from the local armed forces. This detail has just finished painting the fences blue.


Gypsie Caravan   


They Roma (gypsy) caravans have begun rolling through the villages.

Gypsy family   


Henry's family   

Henry's mother and step father came to visit. They got into the local spirit of things.




Valley behind Ogna Sugatag




We explored the hillsides behind Ocna Sugatag looking for Demian's flock of sheep.   






Mother with lamb   

My mother enjoys the company of one of the few surviving lambs.

Demian at work   


Demian explains how they sleep at night: four guys in a shed.



Dangerous Geese   

Geese protecting their nesting sites think their the top of the food chain.

Dandelion time   

Yup, they do it here too.




Spring Cleaning   

Like the tuica sheds, the vīltoare are packed for spring cleaning.

Building a home   



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