Making pig food in a cauldron
Making food for the pigs

November 15-30, 1999:   

Buying walnuts   

The weather is changing and everywhere people are laying in provisions.

Haystack moving in snow   

Whether it's buying nuts,


or getting one's hay in off the fields,




Church repairs   

or getting scaffolding up on the church before snow arrives,


Bying pots from the gypsies


or buying new pots from the Roma (gypsies),







Getting water   

everyone is getting in on the act.

Roma really wants a sale   







Handmade 'wallpaper'   


For some, this is a time to tidy up the home before staring at dingy walls all winter long.

Petru, one of the church Chanters, also paints rooms for his trade. It's a milk-based paint applied using a patterned roller.

He traded painting this room for hauling two haystacks home to his cow.

Cleaning the ceiling   


They paint their ceilings as well as their walls.




Cleaning the wall plates   


After the walls are done, the plates that hung on them have to be washed...


Wall plates drying on the bed   

... and dried.




New horse shoes   



With winter coming on, horses need new shoes with cleats on the front as well as the back.

They hate slipping on icy gravel roads.


Danca Popular Repetitzie   

Another preparation for winter is getting ready for the holidays.

The children's dance group from our village is practicing to go to Bucharest. They're going to be on the show 'Kikki Rikki Mikki.'

'Torch'ing wool   





Another preparation for winter is getting in things to do.

Marioara is making thread from wool for a winter knitting project.



Of course, normal life goes on.

Sweet breads come piping hot from the oven located outside in the cold.

Luciaca in front of her home   





Young women still have homes to maintain.

Coming home from market   



Friends walk home from market, boasting about what they got and how much they paid....


Proud uncle   




And the older generation passes on its wisdom to the young. 

Kid drinking tuica   


Kids learn about tuica at a ten year birthday party.


Kids on the wagon   




Kids hitching a ride home from school.



December and Christmas


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