Man from Glod
Ion from the village Glod, insisted on filling our pockets with
fresh walnuts -- 'for the road'

Village Scenes -- October 1999:

Moisine does the laundry   

Doca from Slatioara doing laundry in the river.

They have special swirling vats where the water tumbles their heavy rugs and blankets for hours in the fresh water.

Clothes washing   


Clothes get treated by hand. (Sarbi, Jud. Maramures)





   Ion and his tombstone


Ion is Doca's husband. He's industrious, making all manner of things for his village from metal and wood.

Behind him is his grave marker. He makes them for sale, but he's already put his own together, just in case.

Coffin in shed


Another friend's shed is evidence they're not leaving anything to the last minute. This way they're sure they're not a burden to the living and they get the measurements right.



Dragging firewood  



  Thoughts of living through the winter have most men bringing home firewood. Not just twigs from the forest either. (Glod, Jud. Maramures)



William shakes for walnuts  


We met an Englishman who's adopted the town of Breb. Here he's shaking his tree for walnuts.


Friends helping for nuts   





Walnut friends


 He got a lot of help from his wee friends.


Shucking beans


Peeling beans. (Sarbi, Jud. Maramures)



Drying wool


Wool drying for sweaters and rugs. (Oncesti, Jud. Maramures)


Free range pig   


   Pig Food

   Free range pigs and their favorite food. (Glod, Jud. Maramures)




Henry goes a-visitin'   

No other way to this person's home. (Sarbi, Jud. Maramures)

 Once a dowry

Once upon a time these pots were sign of the dowry being offered by an eligible maid's family. Now it's just a way of drying them without getting the kitchen wet. (Calenesti, Jud. Maramures)



Home shopping network   

We've found ourselves in the midst of women trying to make Kathleen look like a folk dancer's picture.

They kept loading things on her hoping she'd buy something.

She didn't look anything like the picture, but they kept saying "It's perfect!!"


Traditional room   

Most families have a room decked out like this. (Slatioara, Jud. Maramures)






This man has an amazing presence.

Perhaps watching sheep is a kind of meditation. (Cornesti, Jud. Maramures)




Tuica shed   

Ion shows us his Tuica (pronounced tswi-ka) shed.

Just like back home in West Virginia...




Water Mill for Grain   


Water still makes corn into flour. (Slatioara, Jud. Maramures)



Priest at All Saints day   







Lighting the graves   



On All Saint's day they light candles on their family graves.

Then the priest calls out the names of the beloved of everyone who brought bread, wine or money. This took him about an hour.

While he was singing, he stopped often to cough, but many of the villagers didn't notice because they were socializing.


     Friend of Moisine
Friend of Doca beside Mamaliga, Slatioara,Jud. Maramures.

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