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Explore the Far Reaching World:

Rick Steves and us   
This guy's great. Our favorite books of his include Europe 101, History and Art for the Traveler, Mona Winks, and Europe Through the Back Door. Many have probably seen his series on PBS and heard about his 'Through the Backdoor' series of books which are also excellent. After using his books for a year and a half, and through a wonderful twist of fate, we were able to meet Steve the day after we returned from Europe at WTTW, PBS Channel 11, Chicago. (Don't we look like groupies?!)
David Shore and Patty Campbell
David Shore and Patty Campbell have made a lifestyle out of traveling Europe in camper vans during their summers. They authored the book Europe by Van and Motorhome, which gives great scoop on the necessaries of camper life. They've also give updates to this book which they'll gladly send you.
An extensive online resource for travel to Europe. 
Frontier Airline Tickets aka SideStep  
We use this site to buy our travel tickets as it allows excellent comparison of rates, itineraries, etc. Sidestep, the Traveler's Search Engine that finds airline tickets, cheap airline tickets, cheap airfare, discount hotels, car rentals, travel deals, hotel reservations from multiple sites.
Your on-line portal to Romania! This is a directory of reviewed Web sites and pages in English about Romania. One of the best online sites on Romania and Romanians accessible to an English-speaking audience.
Anyone who wants to hire a van in Europe like we did might want to contact these folks. Even if it's for only a week or a month, we can vouch for the quality of the van we got and the friendliness of the service we received.
Still Stoked
These guys have great advice on how to van-camp all over the UK. And while they're at it, they make wicked surf & boards and test them all over the Kingdom. 
A travel portal geared toward Generation X, with useful sections such as 'Ask the Experts,' 'Travel Tips,' various Guides, and our favorite: the Product Reviews. 
Kálnoky Castle
If you want a taste of what a Nobleman's life in the Carpathians must have been like during the Austro-Hungarian empire, spend your vacation at Kálnoky Castle near Brasov in Transylvania. There you can witness and contribute to the worthy work of restoring a proud architectural heritage which was neglected under the reign of communism and nationalism. Their website is rich with information and pictures. 
Vindolanda Trust
Site for those interested in Hadrian's wall and other Roman sites in England. They've got some general information for those planning to visit, and a store where you can buy books and games and jewelry and other fun stuff.
Sacred Sites Map
A beautiful tour of the sacred sites from eight millennia ago. There's a clickable map of the Sacred Sites in the north half of the Irish Republic. It lets you explore the country, and as you go you'll get evocative photos from the various sites.
Knowth Site/ County of Meath Megaliths
These folks have a comprehensive list of the major megalithic tombs in the County of Meath. They have lovely pictures, explanations of each site, and excellent tourism information if you need a guide or a place to stay or a book to understand more. Really cool are their pictures of the Soltice at Loughcrew, which we visited all alone. 
Danish Translation of our Pages
A fellow fan of Romanian culture from Denmark has translated much of our material into Danish. You can visit his site here. 
Denmark Storyteller and Artist
Asbjorn Lonvig's bright and bold art plus a wonderful eclectic collection of links to artistic inspiration. 
The US State Department
Information on trouble spots around the world.
National Geographic Society
Those folks who bring us the magazine and the Explorers show have a fabulous web site. You can follow expeditions as they are happening. There's cool kid stuff here too.
NPR Online
If you don't already know about public radio, you're in for a real treat. It's like public TV for your ears.
Car Talk
Get daily trivia, "Virtually Useful Data," free stuff, and engage in Shameless Commerce! Oh, and you can explore automotivity as well.
The Saraphina Mosey Travelogue
If you like what we're doing, follow another couple as they travel Europe. They've been at it longer and have a fantastic site. Sara is a Canadian artist and shares her drawings and journal entries on-line.
Carndonagh, Co. Donegal, Ireland
This is a site serving the Inishowen area. If you're traveling there or interested in what they're up to, this is a great place to start.
Romanian Links Page
This place has more links than you can follow in a lifetime, all dealing with Romania, the place we spent most of our time in Europe.

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Intellectual Interests

American Museum of Natural History
They are well on the way to completing digitization of possibly "the largest collection of fossil vertebrates in the world." Click on RESEARCH and prepare to devote the rest of your life.... (From the Research page, don't miss navigating to the museums different disciplines using the menu on the right hand under 'Visitor Information:' Anthropology, Zoology, Paleontology, etc..) Our favorite were perusing old notebooks, though the resolution on some of them could be larger. 
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Another universe of research possibilities. They have searchable indexes as well as on-line exhibitions organized by curators. 
A Moment in Time
A different vignette on history every day. Dan Roberts is a professor at our local Richmond University, and his radio spot is heard on public radio world wide.
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
This museum had to shut down for renovations, and during that time they imaged almost their entire archive. Their claim to fame with this site is that the whole thing is on-line, not just a small selection.
MIT Open Courseware Project
The good people of MIT have decided to put their course outlines on the web for the benefit of all humanity. It's a massive undertaking and still in progress, but this is their home site. 
The Quotations Page
Just as the name implies, a new quotation every day.
Cornell Library Resources
The e-Reference collection here is very useful. 
Library of Congress
This is the closest thing that exists to a card catalog for the world. If a book was ever published and you're trying to track it down, this is a good place to start.  

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